Troy Bank & Trust offers customers a full lineup of personal and business loans

A bank’s original purpose was to anchor of America’s communities. Their role at center of the economic community was to fuel prosperity. Throughout history, banks have done this by providing a full lineup of personal and business loans. Even the biggest banks used to believe this. Today, walk into any brand name bank and you will find it difficult to even get a document notarized.

Troy Bank & Trust isn’t just an electronic vault for your savings. We build real relationships with our customers who come to us for the lifeblood of their businesses and investments: personal loans, mortgage loans, business loans, lines of credit. Today’s blog will detail how you or your business can get the necessary capital not only to survive, but thrive, through Troy Bank & Trust’s full lineup of loans.

Business Loans: More Than Caulking The Gaps

The economy isn’t just some abstract feature of society. There is ample evidence linking economic woes to increases in depression, crime, drug use, and much more. Government assistance, loan forgiveness, and stimulus brought us back to normal much faster than pundits predicted.

Troy Bank & Trust was proud to have helped administer the benefits of the CARES Act, including the Paycheck Protection Program. These loans and other forms of assistance have helped businesses across the country maintain staff.

But now, that money has all but run dry. That’s why Troy Bank & Trust offers sustained lending programs that go further than caulking the gaps, and not only in the best of times.

Commercial Lending Program

Troy Bank & Trust understands that the only way communities grow is through support of its businesses. And that means businesses of all types. Just because a business has reached a certain size or notoriety does not mean it’s done growing.

Troy Bank & Trust’s commercial lending program helps businesses at any stage of their growth trajectory. We also help with specific insurance policies tied to the business, such as accidental death.

Small Business Loans

It can be extraordinarily difficult to start a business without help. If you’re lucky enough to seed it with your own money, chances are, you earned that money from an intensive day job. To sustain your startup, you can’t sacrifice time for money. You need both.

Since opening our doors, Troy Bank & Trust has kept its doors open to small businesses across Alabama. As a certified Small Business Administration (SBA) lender, we look for companies that are adding true value to our community. We offer loans in many shapes and sizes, helping you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Credit Revolvers

Sometimes a single loan isn’t enough. Rather than force customers to constantly justify their capital requirements, Troy Bank & Trust offers even the smallest businesses lines of credit to meet urgent obligations.

Open lines of credit should be available to all businesses. Check out our website or give us a call today to speak to one of our expert representatives about opening a line of credit for your business.

The Importance Of Personal Lending

Each and every one of us is our own personal business. Like any business, we try to take in more than we spend. We try to grow our revenues and increase profit margins. And like any business in today’s pandemic economy, many of us are struggling to stay afloat.

In fact, many of our personal loans look a lot like business loans. Let’s take a look at some of our package offerings.

Personal Consumer Loans

Troy Bank & Trust offers individuals a variety of loan options so that they can participate as consumers in society.

Consumer loans, for instance, give a wide berth to individuals looking to make general purchases. We are more than happy to take a look at your projections for use and return on such purchases. Rather than scrutinizing these plans against rigid loan models, you will find our lending professionals interested in your reasoning.

Personal lines of credit and credit cards, on the other hand, allow for a more flexible use and repayment. Many banks, particularly the bigger brands, offer these credit lines under punitive terms. Trust, however, is in our name. We provide reasonable terms on these instruments.

Real Estate & Farming Loans

Here, the line between personal and commercial spending becomes a bit blurry. Whether you own shares in a real estate trust or live on a farm that contributes to your income, Troy Bank & Trust is always ready to read your application.

What you do in your spare time is also your business. Consumer and commercial loans benefit our community alike, and our lending desk will make every effort to help you plan and package the loan you need.

The Bedrock Of The American Economy

Though far from our only lending product here at Troy Bank & Trust, the mortgage loan has long been the bedrock of the American economy. Here at Troy Bank & Trust, we aim to provide every credit-worthy homebuyer with an opportunity to pursue this American dream, whether you’re:

  1. Buying a new home
  2. Refinancing your current mortgage
  3. Tapping into your home equity

Furthermore, as a local independent bank, we come to know and understand your circumstances. This allows us far greater insight into your needs. We are always happy to give any advice where requested and warranted. Home loans come in countless forms, but across the board they are a big deal. We want you to go home happy with what you signed.

Troy Bank & Trust: It’s In Our Name

Economies are predicated on trust—the trust that each participant will receive what they bargained for. The economy’s foundation is built upon a bedrock of credit. Banks are designed to partner with all faithful participants in the American economy. This country has flourished on the promise that a dollar loaned today will be worth far more tomorrow.

As a local independent bank, Troy Bank & Trust is proud to have kept this faith and trust in the American economy—and its participants, in particular. Every day we write new loans to people and businesses of all kinds, throughout Birmingham and beyond. You can trust us to help guide you through good times and bad, and regardless, to always look out for your best interests first.

Find out more about relief packages and loans with Troy Bank & Trust

As a local independent bank, banking with us means you’re also helping your local economy, and we make your banking experience more accessible. In this time of need, you can count on us to deliver the loans and liquidity your small business needs to continue thriving past the pandemic. After all, we are “the only bank you’ll ever need.” For more information on working with us for your business needs, visit Troy Bank & Trust here, or reach out to us by phone at 334-566-4000 or 888-258-8769.

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