Troy Bank brings its community values to the merger with First National

Working for and with a local business provides countless benefits for customers, employees, and the business itself. More than all three combined, local independent businesses are integral to the surrounding community. As a local independent bank, Troy Bank & Trust witnesses these benefits firsthand. All across Alabama, our customers have responded with overwhelmingly positive sentiment regarding the effect of Troy Bank & Trust not only on their lives, but on the community in which they live–which makes the prospect of a merger, with a competing bank, somewhat uncertain for customers of The First National Bank of Brundidge.

Opening its doors to the public all the way back in 1904, First National Bank performed the duties of a local independent bank for decades upon decades. Its customers expect these values to continue on, and you need not worry: Troy Bank is the furthest thing from a big box business looking solely to capture market share at the expense of customer welfare. We’re as excited about this merger as we are about our own services and relationships with our communities–because, as the merger with The First National Bank of Brundidge finally comes to a close, these relationships will only strengthen with their customers coming aboard.

The First National Merger Builds Upon Troy Bank’s Core Values

Here at Troy Bank & Trust, quality service and strong community relationships stem from one thing: values. Far from the single-minded motivations of ambitious raiders, Troy Bank views prosperity as a reflection of its customers’ welfare. Troy Bank’s merger with First National is founded first and foremost upon a strengthening of these values.

In all of 117 years, First National never turned into one of the big corporate institutions disconnected from the core purpose of community banking. The only goal of a local bank should be to imbue into the community the necessary capital, at a reasonable cost, which allows for growth and prosperity of sustainable means. FNBB is now turning its keys over to a bank they can be proud of, cementing their legacy in the Pike County community.

As is written on FNBB’s history page, “Where others have their branches, we have our roots.” These ideals will continue with the merging of these two historically prosperous community banks.

Troy Bank & Trust Joins With A Family-Owned Bank

In all this time, FNBB has remained a family-owned bank. In fact, Sherrill Crowe, Chairman of Henderson Bancshares holding company which oversees Troy Bank & Trust, provided the following opening remarks: “These two banks have been serving the financial needs of Pike County for a combined 232 years. We both take great pride in serving our customers and that will never change.”

In the same address regarding the merger, President and CEO of FNBB, John R. Ramage, offered his own heartwarming sentiments on the completed deal:

“Given that my great-great grandfather founded FNBB and my father led the Bank for over 50 years, the decision to merge with TB&T was made with a great deal of thought, discussion and prayer,” he said. “TB&T shares a culture with FNBB of strong, independent banking, focusing on the communities we serve. This merger will make us one of the strongest community banks in the Southeast. I, along with First National Bank of Brundidge’s staff, look forward to working with Troy Bank & Trust’s team.”

As a family bank, First National has allocated its funds constantly with their own community’s best interests in mind. Such values are directly in line with those of Troy Bank & Trust’s. Our bankers will deliver on this same promise moving forward.

What The Merger Means For Customers

For Troy Bank customers, it’s business as usual. Your accounts, passwords, and contracts will remain as they were and will continue as they have been. For First National customers, the same applies. The only changes pertain to your account access in switching over to the Troy Bank & Trust platform. A few examples to keep in mind:

Troy Bank & Trust will be available at all times to assist with any questions or concerns after the merger. We’re extremely excited to welcome you to the Troy Bank & Trust family.

Find out more about the First National merger with Troy Bank & Trust

As a local independent bank, banking with us means you’re also helping your local economy, and we make your banking experience more accessible. We aim to instill this in our new customers coming over in wake of the merger. After all, we are “the only bank you’ll ever need.” For more information on the merger and how it pertains to you, visit Troy Bank & Trust here, or reach out to us by phone at 334-566-4000 or 888-258-8769.

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