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Our Legacy Adds Strength to Yours

Troy Bank & Trust’s Trust Department was established in 1930 to provide quality estate and trust management, and solid professional investment advice and management, to individuals and corporations. Each account is administered and managed individually, tailored to that client’s needs.

We seek long-term relationships with our clients by offering exceptional client service. We continually strive to provide the most innovative ideas in wealth management. 

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Strength and Stability

The ownership structure of Troy Bank & Trust is what makes us truly unique. Former Alabama Governor Charles Henderson owned 51.12% of the bank’s common stock at his death in 1937. He transferred those shares into a perpetual charitable trust, naming Troy Bank as the trustee, and further stating that the bank stock can never be sold. What this means is that Troy Bank will never be bought by another bank. You’ll never have the worry of changing your bank after a buyout. Troy Bank is now and will always remain a community bank.

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We Preserve and Protect

We build on our solid trust legacy to build yours, providing unbiased, well-thought-out solutions to ensure that your assets are managed how you wish, during your lifetime and after. A trust can be used to: 

• Make philanthropic donations 
• Direct distribution of assets
• Provide for a special needs member of the family
• Help prevent disputes within the family
• Manage assets should you be incapacitated

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A Comprehensive Plan

We work with you and your legal advisors to formulate a strategic, informed, comprehensive estate plan – one that provides peace of mind to you now, and distributes the assets you establish as your legacy to those you choose, later.

Offering various trust services, we’re ready to:
• Serve as a trustee of a trust established by a Will
• Act as trustee for revocable (living) and irrevocable trusts
• Administer life insurance trusts
• Act as a personal representative for estates
• Provide retirement services
• Oversee estate planning

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Investment products provided are: Not FDIC Insured, May Lose Value, No Bank Guarantee